National School Counselor Week graphic

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year!  That's because the first full week of February every year is recognized as National School Counseling Week. As a school counselor, though, this is not a week to be rewarded or recognized for being a school counselor (although I’ll take hugs this week and any week for that matter!). If this week WERE about being recognized, we would call it National School Counselor Week. But we don’t. We call it National School Counseling Week, and it’s my favorite week, because it gives me the opportunity to share why I think EVERY student deserves access to a certified school counselor. 

Studies have shown the benefits of having a certified school counselor on elementary, middle, and high school campuses, in everything from increased graduation rates, to college attaintment, to less school-wide issues with disruption and behavior.  Certified school counselors are unique in that they must have a Master's level education and are trained to support students in three different areas--academic, career, and social-emotional development.  If you'd like to see the research, you can see more information here on how school counselors benefit students.

I personally became a school counselor because we started a memorial scholarship in my brother's name after he passed away, and I began to hear the stories of students in my community in Superior--their dreams, their aspirations, but also their barriers to attending college.  I knew that I wanted to do more than just give out a small scholarship every year.  I wanted to be in a position to make a difference in the lives of students.  I thought back to when I was a student, and I realized how much it would have helped me to have a true school counselor while I was growing up.  

Not only do I want to help students with their post-secondary plans, I also want to provide a safe space where students can share their challenges, and help them come up with solutions that are right for them.  The best part is, when they overcome those challenges, I also get to celebrate their incredible successes and  resiliency.  This is why I think every student should have access to a certified school counselor.  Every student deserves to have a person they can trust, that will believe in them, even when they are struggling to believe in themselves.  They also need this person to have the skills and training to know how to help them work through their struggles in a positive and healthy way, and teach them to build those skills every day.  School counselors are those people.  

I am so glad I became a school counselor, I truly have the best career in the world.  Thank you for letting me part of your lives.

Happy National School Counseling Week!  

-Ms. D