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Female student holding certificate

"I think CVIT is helping me get an idea of the medical career as a whole. And I am grateful that I am able to have the opportunity to . . . have an early start on my future."

- Cai Cooper, 1st year MA student

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I am very grateful for the experience and education I learned through the CVIT Welding Program. My instructors helped me believe in myself and helped me prepare for my career after high school.

- Javier Gonzalez, CVIT Alumni

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"I feel like CVIT helped me a lot in preparing for life after high school, because of the responsibilities and expectations of CVIT. "

- Abby Quam, 2nd Year Dental Asst

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"CVIT helped me build experience in my desired field, and enter my undergraduate career with more knowledge than most. It also helped me graduate with my bachelor's degree a semester early by having credits on my transcripts before starting."

- Kaitlyn Derhammer, CVIT Alumni

male student in welding helmet

"The CVIT Welding program has helped me get an internship with a great mining company. I went into the internship with lots of knowledge and confidence about my welding skills and abilities. The CVIT program helped a lot of us come out of our shells."

- Gage Kephart, CVIT Alumni

Female student holding certificate

CVIT "is helping me get a degree that I can rely on when things get tough."

- Jasmine Flores-Oros, 2nd Year Cosmetology Student

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"CVIT is helping me start on my future goals of working as an EMT, studying fire science, and eventually becoming a forensic biologist."

- Lexi Barajas, CVIT Completer and 3rd year student

Student Kassidy Knagge holding certificate

"I see CVIT as a stepping stone for my future. This program allows me to begin my journey with the medical field early and work towards what I've always dreamed of becoming!"

- Kassidy Knagge, 2nd year MA student

Student Rogelio Contreras holding certificate

"The CVIT program has motivated me to pursue a career immediately after high school. I feel the CVIT program has given me the knowledge I need and the knowledge built to help me get a job after I graduate."

- Rogelio Contreras, HVAC-R alumni