Governing Board

Our school board includes elected community members who volunteer their time for the benefit of CVIT and the students who attend our schools. They assist in planning, budgeting, and implementing school programs, and help ensure fiscal responsibility.

Please Join Us

Please join us at our regular board meetings generally held on the second Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m. Dates, times, and location may vary from month to month, so please contact us for the exact date and location of our next meeting.

We value the input of our community and invite you to provide your comments regarding the items open for review. Please provide us with your comments so we can take all viewpoints into consideration prior to making a decision.

Meet Our Governing Board Members

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Maria Muñoz

Board Chair Representing Hayden-Winkelman
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Maria Muñoz was born and raised in Hayden, Arizona, and has a unique understanding of the challenges and struggles local students face. She serves her community with distinction as a vice-mayor of Hayden and treasurer of the Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition. Ms. Muñoz's passion is to promote education among our young generation and to help guide them in achieving their educational goals. Ms. Muñoz has served CVIT since 2017.

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Franceen Gregovich

Vice Chair Representing Miami
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Franceen Gregovich has been a dedicated board member since the inception of CVIT and has served on the CVIT board with distinction since 2001. Mrs. Gregovich was intensely involved in a formation of the district and is actively involved in the Globe-Miami community through the following organizations, some for which she held leadership roles on multiple occasions: Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce, Tri-City Fire District, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Foundation, Arizona Slavic Board, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Easter Seals Foundation, and the High Desert Humane Society. Mrs. Gregovich actively promotes CVIT in public and has the good of children at heart. She was a recipient of the Arizona School Board Association 2017 All Arizona Board Member Award.

Mike Fane

Mike Fane

Member Representing Globe
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Mike Fane received an election to serve on the CVIT board in 2012 and has served with distinction since. Mr. Fane has been involved in the Globe-Miami community as a member of the Globe Elks Lodge, the Globe Lions Club, the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Association, the Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Arizona School Board Association, the Arizona Police Association, and the National Association for Latino Elected Officials. Mike is actively involved in student organizations, encouraging and supporting students in yearly national competitions.

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Anna Flores

Member Representing Kearny
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Anna Flores received an appointment to serve on the CVIT board in 2017 when CVIT added Ray High School as a member school in the 2017 elections. She is a Ray High School graduate and has a passion for education. Mrs. Flores holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Northern Arizona University and has been professionally involved in education for 23 years. She is a lifelong resident of Kearny and has raised her children in the community. Mrs. Flores was personally involved in CTE student organizations, especially DECA. Helping students learn and teaching them the skills they need to succeed in life is Anna's personal goal.

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Louie Rabago

Member Representing Superior
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Louie Rabago is a lifelong resident of Superior and has been a CVIT board member since 2016. Mr. Rabago serves on the Superior Hall of Fame Board, the Copper Corridor Coalition, and the Public Service Fire and Police Board of Superior. Louie is passionate about serving young people and changing their lives for the better. He has spent over 40 years refereeing for the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA). Mr. Rabago is actively involved in student organizations, encouraging and supporting students in yearly national competitions.

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Member Representing San Carlos

If you reside within the community of San Carlos and are interested in serving on the CVIT School Board, please contact Superintendent Mike O'Neal..

Public Notices

The official posting location for public notices is the main office located at 1500 Panther Dr., Superior, Arizona. We will also post public notices in designated areas at each of our member schools and on the BoardDocs website for your convenience.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

You may contact Donna Roach for the minutes of past meetings.

Board Policies

CVIT adopted board policies can be found here

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Three Board Members being sworn in

CVIT Board members Louie Rabago, Mike Fane, and Franceen Gregovich take their oath of service for 2023.