Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of your questions as quickly as possible. Be sure to read more throughout this website and in our student handbook so you’re well-informed and prepared for a successful educational journey.

How will I know If I have been accepted into the program?

Your high school CTE director will let you know if you have been accepted to a central program. You will also receive a welcome letter from CVIT.

Is there a tuition cost, registration fee, or other required fees for the central programs?

There is no tuition cost to the student. CVIT also pays all fees. Please see the Programs page for details or give us a call.

Will I receive college credit for the courses I take?

All of CVIT’s programs are for college and high school credit and lead to a certificate of proficiency and/or industry-recognized certifications.

When can I take the Central Programs classes?

Students attend their high school for half the day, usually until lunch, and come to Eastern Arizona College - Gila Pueblo Campus after lunch for 2.5 hours, five days a week.

How old does an individual have to be to participate in the CVIT central program?

Our services are available to sophomore, junior, and senior students who live within CVIT communities and who are currently attending a public high school, charter school, or home school.

Can I continue with my CVIT program if I change high schools in the middle of the school year?

Yes, as long as you still live in within our communities.

Can I continue to play sports in my high school if I participate in CVIT?

Yes, we’ll excuse you for games; however, you will have to keep up with the work in the class.

How do I get additional information?

Contact Mike O'Neal
501 Ash Street, Globe, AZ 85501
Cell: (928) 242.1907


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