Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to CVIT, where high school age students reach their potential and earn mid-level career skills to succeed in life. Cobre Valley Institute of Technology is a place for young people to study in a safe and encouraging environment.

Today’s workplace is challenging like never before. Employers demand that workers have solid skills as well as the ability to adapt to ever-changing and new technology. Advances in information processing, communications, and electronics, coupled with an unstable economic environment, can make it difficult to get and keep employment. Today’s high school students are in a position that their parents never imagined as evolving technology and new challenges continue to change working environments and lifestyles.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs combine classroom instruction, laboratory work, work-based learning experiences, and participation in student organizations. CVIT, along with Arizona CTE districts, are taking on the challenge of preparing students for the reality of today’s workplace. Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) that offer “real life” experiences, insight into careers, and the chance to make valuable contacts with business professionals, are proven to have a positive impact on career development.

For the past 16 years, Cobre Valley Institute of Technology (CVIT) has educated many productive members of the workforce. CVIT students are work ready, and many of them continue their education in community colleges, universities, and technical schools. They serve our country in the military. They are a skilled workforce, pay taxes, and support local economies.


Pete Guzman

Pete Guzman, Superintendent