Our School

Cobre Valley Institute of Technology (CVIT) is a Career Education District (CTED). It is one of 14 in the state of Arizona. Our programs are not simple. In fact, they’re quite credit intensive and require regular classroom attendance and participation, but what you get out of it is worth the effort!


We aim to lower the dropout rate...
CTE can be an effective means of ensuring that students complete high school. Research shows that 81% of all students who drop out of high school would have stayed if they had only found high school to be relevant and interesting.

Thirty percent who drop out would have stayed had they found the relevance they were seeking in high school.

and close the workforce gap.
When that 30% who dropped out are added to the 32% of students who are planning on entering an associate degree program or advanced training, we come closer to closing the skills gap in Arizona.

The Workforce Gap Where 9th graders are Headed vs Where the Jobs Are

Who Can Attend?

We provide career and technical education to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in our member districts. Our member districts include:

Our services are also available to students who live within CVIT communities and are homeschooled or attend charter schools.

What Is the Cost?

CVIT Central Programs don’t cost you anything! These classes prepare students for community college and/or industry certificates, and CVIT pays all the tuition and fees. After completing the two-year program (in some cases only one year), our students are career ready and have started their associate degree. If students choose to continue their education, they will already have completed many credits.

CVIT cannot pay for classes like English 101; students can take those classes as dual enrollment at their high school or on the college campus in the evenings. Payment for those classes must be arranged with Eastern Arizona College - Gila Pueblo Campus or Eastern Arizona College.