Fire Science Program

Firefighters protect the public by responding to fires and other emergencies. When not on the scene of an emergency, firefighters work at fire stations where they sleep, eat, and remain on call during shifts that often last 24 hours. Firefighters typically drive fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to emergencies, put out fires using hoses and pumps, find and rescue victims from burning buildings or in other emergency conditions, and treat victims’ injuries with emergency medical service.

When responding to an emergency, firefighters do tasks assigned by a superior officer. They might be responsible for connecting hoses to hydrants, operating pumps to power the hoses, climbing ladders, or using tools to reach through debris. Some firefighters may be responsible for providing medical attention.

Our Program

Our Fire Science Program, in cooperation with the office of the Arizona State Fire Marshal, Eastern Arizona College - Gila Pueblo Campus, and the Globe Fire Department, prepares students for service as a firefighter in rural settings. It emphasizes professional firefighting skills that correspond to the everyday demands of the profession. We’ve designed our program to be a preparatory program for those who seek a career in firefighting.

Info & Statistics

Grade Level Requirement: 10,11,12 (juniors have preference)
Prerequisites: application
College Credits Earned: 27*
Career Opportunities: forest firefighter, fire inspector and investigator, structural firefighting, emergency medical, wildland firefighting
Average Salary: $48,080 annually or $23.60 hourly**

*Number of college credits may change with program improvements
**Gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook)